Saturday, February 26, 2011

Insight into Central Office Staffing

As far as central office is concerned, we are the typical size central office for a school system of our size. Central offices have two functions, 1) to serve the schools by helping to improve the learning environment, and 2) as a regulatory group, ensuring quality control, legal, and financial efficacy. Many of the positions are necessary due to federal or state reporting/processing requirements. Can we operate with fewer people? To what end. As positions are cut somethings will not get done. Federal and state mandates will receive priority due to funding. The schools and public would receive less service. During my almost three year tenure with Chatham County Schools, I have added one person to the central office (a compliance officer) and cut three (one in human resources, the Title I director, and one administrative assistant). Three central office cuts are in the budget proposals under development and over $1.1 million in cuts from central services. I assume people in the community want the school district's budget to be balanced from cuts in the central office. If, if the deficit remains as presently estimated, we can not reduce the workforce enough from central office to balance the budget.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suggestions from Teachers

How do we find budget cuts within the classroom?  How can parents & community members help supplement potential cuts? 

Quote from Board Member

"We really need people to speak on this topic during public comment at our March 7th Board Meeting at Central office in Pittsboro. Open session is at 6:30.
The world is run by those that show up."
The board room only comfortably holds about 20 people in the audience. I would love for the board to hear that they need to move to a bigger room. Will you tell the board you'll be at the March 7th meeting, and will you sign up to speak?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How and where do we go from here?

Some background on this blog and why it has been created.  The parent opposition group formed as a result of the proposed reconfiguration has worked tirelessly concerning this matter.   Now reconfiguration is off the table but we know we still face a huge budget deficit.  So how and where do we go from here.  We want to hear from parents, students and mostly teachers.  Teachers are on the front line and know firsthand what can be done to give our children quality education in the face of such tough economical times.  So this forum has been created accessible to all even those not on Facebook.  You do not have to sign your name so feel free to be anonymous.  Please be respectful of others and remember that our children are always watching us as we set the example.